At-home Services

Fulton County Board of Health has partnered with CORE Georgia and Curogram to provide at-home rapid antigen testing for people with symptoms of COVID-19, people who have been exposed to COVID-19, as well as at-home vaccination services
COVID Testing
I have been exposed to COVID and/or am experiencing symptoms of COVID and would like to have a team conduct a rapid test at my home
I would like to get vaccinated for COVID-19 at my home
Mobile vaccine clinics
CORE also provides mobile vaccine clinics in many communities in Fulton County
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Founded by Sean Penn and Ann Lee, CORE is a global crisis response organization that brings immediate aid and long-term recovery solutions to underserved communities. CORE gets in early, saving lives and strengthening communities for the future. Driven by a diverse, female-led team, CORE acts quickly in the face of disaster to mobilize community members and leaders. CORE has been on the frontlines from the beginning of the pandemic, providing free testing, vaccines, and support services to vulnerable communities across the US and globally.
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