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At-Home PCR Test Kits
At-Home Rapid Test Kits
On-site Testing
Drop Off a Completed Test
Corporate COVID Testing
COVID Treatments
General Telemedicine Visit
Prescription Refills
Cough and Cold
1. Open your mouth wide and rub the swab over your tonsils.
2. Put the swab into the tube; Screw the lid tight and Put the tube in the bag provided.
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At-Home Covid Testing
Order your PCR Test Kit
COVID test kits delivered to your door.
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At-Home Covid Testing
Order your Rapid Antigen Test Kit
COVID test kits delivered to your door.
Delivery Location
Visit an In-Person Location
Find a location for in-person COVID testing, picking up a new COVID test kit, or dropping off a completed one
On-site COVID testing
Get a PCR COVID test administered by one of our clinicians.
  • Newport Beach
  • Pryor Street
  • Tustin
  • Costa Mesa
  • Rio de Los Angeles State Park
  • Sun Valley Rec Center
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At-home test kit Pick Up and Drop Off
Pick up a new kit for self-collection or drop off a completed test for lab analysis.
Treat and Manage COVID-19 from Home
Get treated for COVID, manage post-COVID Syndrome symptoms, and track your immunity with antibody testing.
How do telemedicine appointments work?
  • 1
    Schedule an appointment that suits you
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    Verify your information and insurance
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    Connect with a doctor via phone or video
  • 4
    View your results, treatment plans, and follow-ups on the App
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No waiting, no driving… It's like Uber but for Covid testing. They just show up and test you within hours. I don't see a reason to go back to a testing site if I ever need a COVID-19 screening again...
Jessica Reed